Enhance corporate culture and employee retention with an office renovation from Sun Bay Builders.

Create a custom office space that gets the most out of your team

Keeping employees motivated and putting them in place to succeed is a nonstop endeavor for business leaders – especially if your company is in a stage of growth or major change. At Sun Bay Builders, we’ll help you get more than just an updated look out of your commercial property remodel.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to create a layout that fosters better overall workplace productivity – focusing on smarter design elements, better operational flow, and more efficient spaces.  Not only that, we’ll help ensure that your new office has an appealing, inviting feel that will keep the team happy and ready to give their best.  Because there’s no sacrificing when it comes to your most valuable assets.

Commercial renovation with your brand in mind

Let your company’s personality permeate around the workplace with a fully custom office construction project from Sun Bay Builders. Every business has a few key values that make it unique – things that the entire team relates to – and we fully understand the importance of incorporating these elements into your office remodel wherever possible. We are happy to work with your company's preferred architect to achieve this, or can simplify the process with a full design/build agreement.

Opting for custom rather than a cookie-cutter design helps your company stay branded, infuses energy into the office, and keeps your team excited.  A good commercial contractor knows the importance of these things firsthand – and we’ve been operating in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, and beyond since 1987.  It’s top-quality business construction, simplified.

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What type of office design is right for your Tampa Bay area business?

A commercial remodel shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. A few office layout options that might make sense your daily operations include:

  • Open – Knock the walls down to move more freely, empower employees, and incite creativity.
  • Cellular –  This systemized approach often incorporates cubicles to maximize workflow efficiency and optimize your floorspace.
  • Private – These more professional, buttoned-down spaces provide a quieter work environment and ultimate confidentiality to your team.
  • Hybrid – A growing trend in commercial construction that combines Open and Cellular to help small internal teams thrive.

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